A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Must have java installed.

Run with java -jar space-core-0.1.jar on command line or in a terminal.

Your ship is made of two pieces. When together, you have a ranged weapon. But when split, the controllable piece is invulnerable and can one-hit-kill enemies to gain power ups towards a new weapon. The core slowly heals itself, but takes extra damage from attacks.

You only receive points for enemies destroyed by your ranged weapon.

Created in LibGdx.

Designer: Ayla

Coders: David, Spencer, and Steve

Testers: Ayla, Emily, Steve

Install instructions

Requires Java 6 or above.

Download the jar and run it using the following command:

java -jar space-core-0.1.jar


space-core-0.1.jar 7 MB

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