You are the god of the forest. Two travelers have prayed to you for safe passage through to the other side. You decide how to answer.

There is only one level but 4 different endings based on what you do.


This game is played entirely through clicking the mouse (or tapping the screen).


Game Design and Implementation

midnightflux and kewlpony


Free Pixel Art Forest by edermunizz
Animated Pixel Adventurer by rvros
Pack Character Pixel Art 08 by hugues laborde
Skeleton Sprite Pack by Jesse Munguia
Bubble Emotes by Kicked-in-Teeth


Nocturnal Mysteries by ARFO


Created in bfxr


m5x7 by Daniel Linssen

Code Snippets

Dialogue System by Brackeys


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Well polished game! I feel like it was a bit of a time constraint why the girl's model is the simplest of them all, but still, the scenario is gorgeous as well as the music. The mechanics, however, tend to become a little tedious, I belive the key to improve that would be adding more variety to the enemies, but that is if you decide to continue expanding this project.

Still, very good and solid work!

Yooo, this was a sweet experience. Well polished game, I liked the 4 endings ^^